Top Tips for Safe Cleaning Plans in Elementary Schools

In addition to keeping elementary schools safe and secure, faculty members and parents alike strive to keep their students in clean and sanitary environments. One study shows that 3 out of 5 parents are continuously concerned about their children being exposed to germs while at school, according to The Edvocate. More than 30 percent of those survey respondents claimed they would not allow their children to ride the school bus due to concerns of it being unsanitary. Here are several points to consider when developing a safe cleaning plan for elementary schools to satisfy parents as well as faculty members.

Nip it in the Bud with Quality Hand Care

Quality hand care should play a vital role in any school’s safe cleaning plan, but especially for K-5 students. As their young bodies develop and get used to interacting socially with their peers, these students are openly exposed and vulnerable to a vast number of germs, diseases and illnesses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that regular handwashing with quality soaps can potentially protect over 30 percent of the young children who get diarrhea and nearly 20 percent of children who suffer from such respiratory infections as pneumonia. Educating students on the value of regular handwashing, using quality hand soaps and working with first-class chemical cleaning supplies to keep classrooms sanitary will go a long way toward reducing those unfortunate figures.

Inspect and Research All Cleaning Products

Just because a cleaning product may work well in one environment does not mean it is a safe option for another. Therefore, it is imperative to research the types of chemical cleaning supplies used by your school’s custodial staff. If possible, invest in “green certified” cleaning products since those options are less likely to emit harmful contaminants within your school environment. This type of quality will more than likely call for a heftier investment in this part of your school budget. However, the lasting benefits of having a safe and sanitary learning environment for your students will outweigh the added expense.

Trust Professionals with Your Inventory Needs

You may find competitively priced deals on cleaning products for your school’s inventory needs by shopping around on your own. As is the case with any sort of advice, it is highly recommended to consult professional experts for the best guidance. Feel free to contact Advanced Chemical Solutions at 1-800-817-7408 to explore the available options that are most suitable for the needs of your school.

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