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Since 1993, Advanced Chemical Solutions has been a leading industrial chemical supplier offering quality chemical supplies, equipment solutions, and a reliable service team. Our aim is to not only provide a customized and tailored chemical program that is specific to the needs of your business, but also build a lasting relationship between businesses. Our team is highly trained and can provide your company with the accountability you can trust.

Our comprehensive solutions cover a wide range of business needs ensuring our customers have a single source solution. We work with some of the best equipment suppliers to give you the best equipment at competitive prices. Our flexible options on chemical supplies, and the equipment that require them, guarantee that your company gets exactly what it needs.

Our Chemical Solutions Include:

Family Owned & Operated

Advanced Chemical Solutions is built on a strong foundation of honesty and integrity. We have a strong reputation for providing the quality equipment, supplies, and services our customers rely on. When you choose Advanced Chemical Solutions, you can feel confident knowing we will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Advanced Chemical Solutions: Cleaning Chemical Supplies | Spokane WA

Advanced Chemical Solutions, known as A.C.S., provides cleaning chemical supplies for a variety of industries. Well-known in and near Spokane, WA as an industrial chemical company that offers tailored solutions, we are here to serve your needs, whether you are in need of a customized warewashing chemical for your restaurant or hospitality-related business, hand care dispensers and chemicals for washrooms and / or scrubbing stations, hand sanitizer for the entrance to your facility, all-purpose cleaners for your office or factory, or you have other needs.

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Located in Billings, MT, we serve the local area as well as Spokane, WA, Missoula, MT, Coeur D’Alene, ID, Casper, WY and surrounding areas. We can help with laundry solution, hand sanitizing dispensers and cleanser, aerosols, sanitization and commercial house cleaning products, and more.

If you aren’t 100% sure of what you need, feel free to book a free no-obligation on-site consultation where we can come in and assess your needs and make personalized recommendations.

In Spokane, we are available to hospitality, brewery, retail, and healthcare industries. Many contact us to ensure availability of the right cleaning chemical supplies in their restaurant, factory, public restrooms, or other location on an automatic auto-refill basis. Others have very specific needs and timelines that we can craft custom solutions for. In either case, we would be happy to review a variety of ACS solutions with you and answer questions you have about doing business with us.

Spokane Businesses: Benefit from Our ACES Program for Industrial Cleaning or Warewashing Chemicals

In addition to providing great products customized for your business’ needs, we also provide additional benefits, such as via our ACES program, which leverages more eco-friendly packaging and concentrated solutions that integrate safety features.

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