Creating a Plan for Restroom Odors

Smells in restrooms are a serious problem for those in charge of commercial property housekeeping. Public restrooms receive quite a bit of use; however, most housekeeping staffs aren’t able to keep up with the cleaning schedule required.

There are several factors that can make restroom odors worse, including buildup in drains, the presence of biological materials, humidity levels and improper ventilation. While some people choose to use scents to mask the odors, that really isn’t a solution for the problem. The actual issue is the cleanliness of drains and hard surfaces.

As a result, you need to find an industrial chemical company that has the products necessary to control the odors. Some tips that can help with this are found here.

Send the Smells Down the Drain

A good strategy is to stop the buildup and accumulation of sludge before it happens. Using drain cleaning products will attack the problem and help to prevent clogs, smells and bigger plumbing issues. Be sure to ask your industrial chemical company about a drain cleaning product that is effective, but that won’t hurt the drains or pipes. These products can help to reduce the issue of long-term build up.

Clean Hard Surfaces with Ease

There are some restroom malodors that originate from urine. Precisely, the odor is caused by the bacteria that feeds on the organic material that is present in the urine. When urine stays on a hard surface, the bacteria and therefore the odor is going to grow and become worse and worse. By cleaning these surfaces with quality products from an industrial chemical company, you can prevent odors and bacteria.

There are several reasons that commercial, public restrooms may smell. However, when you find and use the proper chemical cleaners, this doesn’t have to be a serious issue. Learn more about cleaning commercial restrooms and other spaces by visiting the Advanced Chemical Solutions website.

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